For Therapists

For Therapists


As an EMDRIA Approved Consultant in EMDR, I am available for consultation about EMDR. Individual or small group consultation can increase your skill level, deepen your understanding of when and how to use EMDR, and improve your confidence in using EMDR. Clinicians can receive individualized feedback about case conceptualization, client readiness, target selection, treatment planning, and integrating EMDR into clinical practice.

Consultation fulfills the new basic training requirements for EMDR and also enables EMDR trained clinicians to earn hours to become EMDRIA certified or to become an EMDRIA Approved Consultant.

Consultation Options:  I offer consultation for individuals or “shared appointments” for two to four clinicians by phone or video call.  If you are interested in arranging consultation, please email Carol at or call 510-559-8240.

Focus:  Consultation with Carol focuses on enhancing skills and knowledge in the application of the standard EMDR protocol with adults.  It does not include advanced techniques in utilizing EMDR with clients with dissociative disorders, or methods to use EMDR with children.

Online EMDR Consultation Group

When:    Second Friday of each month
Time:     10:00 am – 11:40 am Pacific Standard Time – counts as 2 hours
Cost:       $100 per group per person
Where:  HIPAA Compliant Zoom

Participation in this online group fulfills the 10 hour consultation requirement for the basic training.  It is also suitable for EMDR trained clinicians who want ongoing consultation.  This group is not for clinicians seeking hours toward EMDRIA certification.

If you’re interested in arranging consultation or joining the group, please email Carol at or call 510-559-8240.


Other clinicians refer clients for EMDR for a variety of reasons such as a specific trauma, PTSD, unremitting grief, anxiety, fears, phobias, panic, and when the client’s symptoms don’t improve from other forms of treatment.

If a client is already in an ongoing therapy, we arrange to have a limited number of EMDR sessions for a specific purpose. Sometimes the client takes a break from their other therapy, sometimes they add EMDR to their other treatment, and sometimes the referring therapist even attends an EMDR session. This arrangement works best when the client is referred for a specific symptom or specific incident.

Please call me at 510-559-8240 to discuss whether a referral is appropriate.


I periodically offer training for clinicians in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). EFT is another “Power Therapy” in that it usually results in more rapid change and symptom relief than talk therapy. EFT can reduce stress, fear and anxiety and increase feelings of relaxation, resilience and confidence. Like EMDR, EFT works with the mind, emotions and body simultaneously, but it is a much simpler protocol. Since EFT intentionally utilizes the body’s meridian system, it is characterized as a form of energy psychology. It can be integrated into other psychotherapeutic approaches, can be used in conjunction with EMDR, and can be taught to clients for symptom management at home. It is also a wonderful technique to use for yourself and your family, especially children! Since the evidence basis for energy psychology is in the preliminary stages, I characterize it as a “self help” relaxation technique.

Please let me know if you’d like to be on my email list for the next workshop I offer or arrange a presentation or private workshop.


If you would like information about upcoming workshops, please visit the Workshops page.